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A Short History: In 1939, Fr. Wickelmann SVD purchased a large plot of land at Kundla Village about 8km North West of Jhabua enough to settle 10 families. He built a chapel, priest home, school and houses for the settlers in the new place. But due to the outbreak of war in 1939, all the German missioners were interned. So the new station remained vacant. It was only in 4th Feb. 1983, Antonpura was erected as a parish and Fr. Joseph P. Xavier SVD was appointed as the 1st parish priest. From 1978, FSMA sisters were serving the station. In 1997, they left the place and adoration sisters from Ujjain province took their place in 1998 who served the mission till 2011.


Patron Saint             :         St. Antony

Parish Feast             :         13th June

Address                    :         St. Antony Church Antonpura

                                            C/o Catholic Church JhabuaPost Box no. 3

                                            Jhabua Dist, 457661, M.P.

Pasto                        :         Fr. Peter Rebello 


RELIGIOUS               :        Cannocian Sisters (FDCC)

Superior                   :        Sr.Veronica

INSTITUTIONS         :        Ishnilaya Boys Hostel

                                   :         St. Antony’s Girls Hostel

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