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A Short History: A farm land was bought by late Fr. M.M. Mathew, in Bhandaria, Nawapada in 1986 to support St. Joseph’s Boarding, Gopalpura. In 1996 Bhandaria Nawapada was separated from Gopalpura and made an independent station with Fr. Raju Zacharia as the first parish priest. A year later foreign missionary Sisters of Pondichery started a convent and a dispensary. In 1998 they left the place. In the year 2001 Sisters from the Congregation of SJSM started a convent and a TB Rehabilitation centre called “Nava Jeevan Kendra” in Bhandaria. Later in 2003 Franciscan Clarist Sisters established a prayer and retreat centre called “Vishwa Jyoti Ashram” in this mission station. Shrine of  St. Jude  started in the year 2018


Patron Saint       :         St. Jude

Parish Feast        :         28th October

Address               :         St. Jude Church

                                       Bhandaria, PO. Bhagor,

                                       Via Meghnagar- 457779

                                        Jhabua Dist. M.P.

Pastor                  :         Fr. Jamu Kattara

RELIGIOUS          :         Sisters of St. Joseph of

                                       St. Mark (SJSM)

                             :         Franciscan Clarist Congregation (FCC)

INSTITUTIONS    :        Vishwa Jyoti Ashram,

                                      Centre for Retreat

                             :        Navjeevan Kendra

                                      TB Rehabilitation Centre

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