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Bishop Basil Bhuriya SVD

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Bishop Basil Bhuriya, S.V.D. was born on 8 March 1956 in Panchkui, Madhya Pradesh, India. He completed his studies at Seminary of St. Thomas and at the Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth. On 02 May 1986, He was ordained a priest for the Society of the Divine Word. On 18th July 2015, Holy Father Pope Francis announced Very Rev. Fr. Basil Bhuriya SVD as the Third Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Jhabua.On 10thOctober2015. Fr Basil Bhuriya was Ordained as the bishop of Jhabua diocese. Since then Bishop Basil Bhuriya as a good shepherd he guided the diocese with great enthusiasm for six years. The COVID-19 pandemic struck the humanity very badly.In our diocese too many of the priests, Nuns and faithful were affected and some even lost their lives due to the pandemic. Bishop Basil Bhuriya was also tested positive on 5thMarch 2021 and was admitted in the hospital. His lungs were affected badly and were in ventilator for a month. On 6thMay 2021, he breathed his last. His funereal was conducted on Friday 7th May 2021at 10:00 AM at Holy Spirit Church, Plada, Indore.

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