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A Short History:- Maria Niwas Dattigaon was a substation of Rajgarh mission in the beginning. In the year 1974-75, Fr. Peter Puliparampil together with catechist and sisters of Handmaids of Mary started visiting the village around Dattigaon. Few families of tribal people from the village of Vaniyamunki formed a Christian community for the first time in the year 1975. In the year 1980, Dattigaon was given the status of an independent parish. At present this mission is catering to the pastoral educational, social and health needs of the people of the people around.


Patron Saint               :         Nityasahayak Mata

Parish Feast               :         8th September

Address                      :         Maria Niwas, Dattigaon P.O. 

                                               Via Rajgarh- 454116, Dist.Dhar (M.P.)

Pastor                         :         Fr. Alok Minj   

Assistant                    :         Fr. Ashish Bhedi

RELIGIOUS                 :         Handmaids of Mary (HM)

INSTITUTIONS :        :         Nityasahayak Mata Middle School

                                    :         Maria Niwas Boys Hostel

                                    :         Maria Niwas Girls Hostel

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