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Preshitalya is the Minor (Propaedeutic) Seminary of the Catholic diocese of Jhabua started in Jhabua in 1996. The main object of the seminary is to train seminarians for the priesthood for the continuation of the mission of Jesus and to make this world, place of prosperity and harmony based on the Gospel and human values. The promising candidates are admitted after completing their high school education. Every year 10-15 candidates are taken in to Preshitalaya, who stay at the institution for two to four years to complete their first stage of training for priesthood. During these four years of formation seminarians are helped and guided to sharpen their intellectual ability, strengthen human relationship and to deepen spiritual life. The staff members take personal interest to know the strenghth and weakness of the candidates to motivate and to channel their talents towards the achievement of the above mentioned objectives.

Rector             :         Fr. Manoj Kujur

Contact No.              8602656477

Vice Rector     :         Fr. Manish Damor

 Contact No.             9754034373

Address           :         Preshitalaya Minor Seminay,

                                    Meghnagar Naka,

                                    Jhabua Dist. 457661, M.P.

Phone              :         07392-243545

Seminarians   :         18

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