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A Short History:- In the year 1955 Canadian missionary from Jobat visited the Insur and established a centre at Uttawa village. In the year 1969 Fr. Peter Maloni came to Rajgarh from Dhani and concentrated his work in Rajgarh area contacting the business community and village including Insur. In 1994, Fr. William Baria started staying here in a small hut. In 1996 a piece of land was purchased and the parish home was built. In 1997 Sisters of Santh Joseph Sevika Sanstha(SJSS) came to Insur and started Medical and Social apostolates.


Patron Saint        :         St. Joseph

Parish Feast        :         19th March

Address               :         Catholic Mission Church, Insur

                                        Tirlakala PO. 454116,

                                        Via Mohankheda, Rajgarh, Dhar Dist. M.P.

Pastor                 :          Fr. Mahesh Nagesiya

Regent                :          Bro.  Ishwardas  Katara

INSTITUTION     :          St. Joseph Primary School

RELIGIOUS         :        St. Joseph Sevika Sanstha (SJSS)

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