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A Short History: - Fr. Joachim Mocha SVD began his preparations to start a new mission centre in Pipliya village, situated 8km north of Jhabua, on the Jhabua-Meghnagar road in October 1936. The first name in the Baptism register of Ishgarh is Megdalena Mera, daughter Gerway Mera and Isdori Wahuniya; was baptised on 19th March 1936, the feast day of St. Joseph, the Patron of this mission, by Fr. Joachim Mocha SVD. Although the Catechetical School was in existence and Baptisms were administered at Ishgarh, officially the founding of the mission took place in 1938. He remained parish priest for 40 years and developed the mission into a growing Catholic community. At present Fathers from the Society of Catholic Apostolate are looking after the parish and sisters belonging to the Prabhudasi Sisters of Ajmer are serving the parish.


Patron Saint     :     St. Joseph

Parish Feast      :    19th March

Address             :    St. Joseph’s Church,

                                Piplia P.O. 457661

                                Jhabua Dist. M.P.

Pastor                :    Fr.  Mukesh Garasiya SAC

Assistant           :    Fr. Sebastian Bare SAC

RELIGIOUS: Pallotties Societ of the Catholic Apostolate (SAC)

                           :    Prabhudasi Sisters of Ajmer (PSA)

INSTITUTIONS :   Divya Karuna Middle School

                              St. Joseph’s Boys Hostel

                              St. Joseph’s Girls Hostel

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