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A short history:-The history of the Jhapadara mission began with the establishment of Thandla mission. In the beginning of the year 1912 the whole mission territory of Thandla was divided into six sectors, consisting of around 20 villages and Jhapadara was listed in the fourth sector. On 29th September 1936 Fr. Francois build a small chapel at Jhapadara for the pastoral care as the number of Catholics increased. On 9th July 1982 Sisters of St. Mary of the Angels (FSMA) arrived at Jhapadara to support the apostolic work in the area of health, education and social work. It was only in 1994 that Jhapadara, the sub-station of Thandla Mission became an independent mission station in with Fr. Basil Makwana as its first Parish Priest. In the year 2002 Jhapadara Mission was included in the newly erected Diocese of Jhabua.


Patron Saint      :         St. Michael

Parish Feast      :         29th September

Address             :         St. Michael’s Church, Jhapadara

                                     C/o Catholic Church Thandla,

                                     Thandla P.o. 457777,


Pastor                :        Fr. Anil Kerketta

Assistant           :        Fr. Prem Muniya

RELIGIOUS       :         Franciscan Sisters of St. Mary of the Angel


INSTITUTIONS :        St. Michael’s High School

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