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  1. Jeevan Jyoti Hospital, Meghnagar

Jeevan Jyoti Hospital took its initial shape in the dream of a visionary Rev. Dr. George Anathil, the former Bishop of Indore diocese. The most needed location where people are deprived of health facility was the remote tribal area of Jhabua. Hence the diocese took the initiative, and materialized the dream “Jeevan Jyoti Hospital” in 1992. Fr. Joseph Thayil was the first director of the hospital. Under the leadership of the director, sisters from the congregation of Missionary Sisters of St. Joseph (MSJ) are serving in the hospital. The hospital has now all the departments like General Surgery, General Medicine, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Ophthalmology and Anaesthesiology. The hospital has the facilities like Laboratory and Blood Bank, Pharmacy, X-Ray and ECG, ICCU. Besides the treatment of patients, there are also the following community health programmes.

1. Treatment and Rehabilitation of Tuberculosis Patients,

2. Treatment and Rehabilitation of Leprosy Patients,

3. Counselling and Treatment of HIV AIDs patients.

4. Promotion of preventive Health among the female sex workers

5. Centre for the Rehabilitation of the mal-nourished children

All these programmes are aimed at the overall promotion of the health of the people of this area. During the past years of service to this area, this hospital has been a centre of hope and consolation for the tribal people who are getting quality health service at cheap rates. It not only takes care of the physical health but also the mental and social health leading to build a Healthy Community.

Address           :         P.O. Meghnagar- 457779, Jhabua Dist. M.P.

Tel                     :          07390- 284455

Fax                    :          07390284355

Director           :         Fr. P.A Thomas

Email                :

Contact No.                9425102025       

2. St. Theresa’s Mission Hospital

Address            :        Thandla P.O. Thandla

                                    Jhabua Dist. – 457777, M.P.

Tel                      :         07390-276014

 Directress        :      Sr. Divya FSMAContact No.  8085651501



1.   Nirmala Bhavan

Address             :        Kadju Nagara, Ratlam- 457552, M.P.

Tel                      :         07412-234776

2.   Missionaries of Mother Teresa House

Address             :        Behind Jyoti Bhavan, Udaipuriya, Jhabua

Tel                                07392-245716



1. Ish Prem Basti

Address              :         Ratlam Dist. 457001 M.P.

Tel                        :         07412-234776

2. Karuna Sadan, Rampura

Address               :         Ranapur P.O.-457993


Tel                         :         07392-283631

Superior:                        Sr. pulkeriya- 6263023359



Nava Jeevan Kendra

Address                 :        Bhandaria, Bangor P.O.,Via Meghnagar

                                         Jhabua Dist. 457779, M.P.

Superior:                        Sr. Vinita Contact No. 7089431666

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