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A short history: - Neemuch town is an ancient Christian habitat due to the CRPF centre and the railway. The church was started in 1846, by the British officers to serve the spiritual and pastoral needs of the faithful working in the CRPF and railway. In the beginning it was managed by the OFM (Cap) Missionaries. By the Decree of the Sacred Congregation of Peoples, dated March 11, 1981, the district of Mandsaur was transferred from the Jurisdiction of Ajmer Diocese to that of Diocese of Indore. Then Neemuch parish became the part of Indore diocese. In 1997, late Bishop George Anathil SVD of Indore Diocese invited MSFS congregation to Neemuch. On 8th June 1997 MSFS Fathers took charge of Neemuch parish.


Patron Saint      :      Holy Redeemer

Address             :      Catholic Church, Neemuch

                                  C.R.P.F Area

                                  Neemuch Dist. 458441 M.P.

Pastor                :      Fr. Vincent Minj, MSFS

Assistant           :      Fr. Jomon Mathew,MSFS

RELIGIOUS        :      Missionaries of St. Francis of De Sales


                            :     Congregation of Theresian Carmelites


                            :     Sisters of the Adoration of

                                  the Blessed Sacrament (SABS)

INSTITUTIONS  :     St. Carmel Convent Sr. Sec.School (CBSE)

                                 St. Francis De Sales High School (CBSE)

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