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Address                    :     Catholic Church Campus,

                                         Chetanya Marg,

                                         Jhabua-457661 M.P

Director                    :      Fr. Rockey Shah (PRO)

                                          Contact No. 9589603437

Email                         :

Co-ordinator            :      Mr.  Jerome Wakhla

                                          Contact No. 9425033116

    Jhabua Diocesan Public Relation office was inaugurated by BishopT.J Chacko in the year 2004. Rev. Fr. Joseph Thayil was appointed as first PRO. This office has contributed a lot in keeping relations with government officials, ministers, various Religious Leaders and prominent people of Jhabua Diocese. Along with PRO office work other works like- Ecumenical prayers and inter-religious prayer services were conducted. Under this office a public library was run for all the people without any discrimination.

     Fr. Stephen V.T was appointed as second PRO for this office. Under his vibrant leadership, office grew in many areas which helped diocese a lot. In the year 2015 Rev.

     Fr. Rockey Shah was appointed as the third PRO by Rev. Bishop Dev Prasad Ganawa, SVD. At this time along with PRO office other portpolio was added like- communication department. From 2015 onwards the main focus was to build up a good relationship with other Christian denominations and religions, under the Motto of “love all Serve All”. 

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