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A short history:- Rajgarh mission station is situated on the Indore Ahmadabad National High way. Bishop Francis Simon SVD commissioned Fr. Peter Molony SVD to look for a site to start the mission in Rajgarh. He arrived in Rajgarh I 1968 and met a Catholic family in Ringod 7km away from Rajgarh. Fr. Peter Molony started contacting the people around Rajgarh and started the mission. In 1975 the Sisters of the Handmaids of Mary arrived in Rajgarh to assist in the mission work. Later on from Rajgarh mission, three new mission stations were created namely Dattigaon, Jamli and Insur.


Patron Saint                :         St. Peter

Parish Feast                :         29th June

Address                       :         St. Peter’s Church, Rajgard,

                                                P.O. 454116, Dhar Dist., M.P.

Pastor                         :         Fr. Edward Sarel

RELIGIOUS                 :         Handmaids of Mary (HM)

INSTITUTIONS           :         Nirmala Convent High School

                                              St. Peter’s Boys Hostel

                                              Nirmala Girls Hostel

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