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A short history:-Ranapur was the substation of Jhabua Mission. Bishop Coumont of Ajmer diocese together with Fr. Bernard OFM Cap visited the Ranapur area in the year 1914. Bro. Claude Wauld OFM was appointed to visit Ranapur and make contacts. Later in 1932 the Divine Word Missionaries took over this area. Fr. Henry Wichelman SVD baptised Mr. Mansingh Bhuriya in Ranapur on 23rd December 1933. In 1961 Ranapur was declared as a new mission station by the first Bishop of Indore, Bp. Francis Simon SVD. Through the hard work and missionary zeal Fr. Kettleler developed the mission station. In 1967 Fr. John Thundil was appointed as the first parish priest of St. Michael’s Church, Bhurimatti, Ranapur. The Mission Sisters of Ajmer started their services among the Bhils by visiting the villages, medical treatment and education. In 1990 Fr. G. Soosai started a Leprosy Centre “Karuna Sadan” with sisters of Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.


Patron Saint :      St. Michael

Parish Feast :      29th September

Address     :         St. Michael’s Church, Bhoorimatti,

                              Ranapur PO. 457993

                              Jhabua Dist., M.P.

Pastor         :        Fr.Niranjan Xalxo

Assistant    :         Fr. Jonu Rawat

RELIGIOUS:          Mission Sisters of Ajmer (MSA)

                              Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ (PHJC)

INSTITUTIONS:    Nirmala High School Bhurimati

                              Mission Boys Hostel

                              Mission Girls Hostel

                              Karuna Sadan Leprosy Centre,

                              Rampura (Ranapur)

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