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A short history:- Shamgarh is about 250 km away from the diocesan headquarters and is in the district of Mandsaur. Because of the distance factor, even when this area was part of the Indore Diocese, much was not done. However, because of some Catholics working in the Railway here in the year 2000, the Diocese of Indore appointed a resident priest for Shamgarh and parish and school were started.


Patron Saint     :       St. Alphonsa

Parish Feast     :       28th July

Address            :       St. Alphonsa Church

                                  Retired Colony,

                                  Behind locoshed

                                  Makdawn Road, Shamgarh

                                  Mandsaur Dist, 458883, M.P.

Pastor               :       Fr.BalashowryKolukuluri

RELIGIOUS       :       Congregation of Visitation Sisters


INSTITUTIONS :       St.Alphonsa Convent Sr.Sec.School


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