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Pragati is a registered body under Society’s Registration Act 1973 on 23rd June 2004 having its head office at Jeevan Jyoti Hospital Campus, Meghnagar, Jhabua. Jhabua is one of the most backward district of India. Rev. Fr. Joseph Thayil is the pioneer of social work in the area. Fr. Pradeep Cherian is the one who gave the name Pragati. He has mainly initiated the formation of groups for credit and saving purpose. During his tenure staff had ample opportunity to do the work based on the principle “freedom with responsibility”. He followed a very scientific method called “field to lab method”. This is a very practical and grass-root level thinking pattern. Fr. John Kennedy, SVD, was the first Director of independent Pragati Samiti. Fr. Kennedy initiated the idea of federation of SHGs and implemented watershed programmes. June 2005 Fr. Malhing Kattara was appointed the Director for Pragati, who facilitated people’s participation and sustainability aspect among the community members in the target area and then made a transit to the “people led development process” where community elders become the knowledge sharers. The purpose is to build the self-esteem of the people of the tribal community.

Objectives of Pragati

1. To improve the general economic condition of the poor and the economically backward by imparting training in high yielding cropping, improved and high tech cultivation, watershed programs and engaging in model farming activities and improved livestock practices.

2. To reduce social avils which promotes poverty such as dowry, alcoholism and illiteracy.

3. to work for empowerment of women and children particularly girl child development by creating awareness, training, improving women literacy and helping financial independence of women by enabling them to undertake self-employment.

4. To preserve soil and water conservation measures through watershed methods.

5. To work for reducing crimes and build peace in the society.

6. To take up anything that shall contribute to the human development without any discrimination as to caste, creed or religion.

Pragati provides solution to the problem with the help of people thus it is a people orientated NGO that believe in the worth of active participation of all stakeholders. A mix of traditional and modern techniques is being adopted to address issues.

Address    :         Pragati,Meghnagar, P.O. 457779

                             Dt. Jhabua, M.P.

Phone       :         07390-284902, 285046

Director    :         Fr. Peter Kattara,

Contact No.        9406642867

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